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I am a proud mother of three beautiful children who are growing up far to quickly, I am happily married to my first and only love (try not to gag) and I couldn't be happier to have this business that I dreamed of for many years before finally jumping in!
I believe that life unfolds as it should, and through all the peaks and valleys that come with it I love and am thankful for what I have, who I am and the people that surround me.
I can say with certainty that I have come a long way since I started Middle of July, but I will always feel that I have an even longer way to go. In the meantime I am loving my life, from my family time to working and meeting new amazing people. I really can't imagine being happier with where I am and excited about where life may take me next.


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the value of a moment


This is a family session that husbands don’t need to be dragged too! Yes we do some posing, but I do my best to make it fun, and in the end many favourites are the images that are unposed and natural.

    Up to 5 family members, more family members are welcome at an additional fee of $30/person, on location in & around the Ingersoll Ont. area, 1 to 1.5 hours of shooting time, styling guidance provided, 25 edited high resolution digital images
$650.00 + hst


Dressed up or dressed down, bringing your partner or letting the focus be on just you and your bump, I am here for it!

    On location or in your home, styling guidance provided, 1 hour of shooting time, 10 edited, high resolution digital images, additional images available through online gallery
$350.00 + hst

Childhood Milestones

Celebrating a milestone? I've got this... From the first time stitting, standing or walking or their first birthday cake smash(or 2nd, or 3rd...), to celebrating a graduation. Often called "sitter sessions" the perfect timing for these photoshoots are between 6-9 months old.

Want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday (or 2nd, or 3rd….) with a smash? Diving face first into a cake, or any other sweet treat, can be such a fun way to mark the occasion! Or do you prefer to capture this moment in time while keeping things a little tidier? That is not only doable but it can be just as sweet.

Hoping to update your kids pictures and freshen up your walls at home with a fun, short and sweet session of just them? I LIVE for these!

Celebrating a graduation, big accomplishment or just wanting a session celebrating YOU? I’ve got this…

    Styling guidance provided, 1 hour of shooting time, 8 edited, high resolution digital images, additional images available through online gallery
$300.00 + hst


In the warm months (all 3 here in Ontario!) we have the option of shooting outdoors on location, but during the chilly seasons newborn sessions are shot in your own home.

Your home does not have to be Pinterest perfect or anything close to that (though I wouldn’t say no to Pinterest perfect homes either!) you may be surprised at how beautiful shooting in your own space can be. When booking, we will talk about all the possibilities in detail so you know just what to expect. Letting you relax and enjoy how comfortable these sessions can be is very important to me, it is all about welcoming your newest family member into their new home, away from home.

    Up to 2 hours of shooting time, styling guidance provided, 25 edited high resolution digital images
$650.00 + hst

Capture Babies Year

Wanting to capture all the milestones from baby’s first year, or just as in love with capturing your family and children in photographs as I am with mine? I know just how you feel!

For baby’s first year, take your pick of four sessions from maternity, newborn, 6 months, 9 months and one year.

    Styling guidance provided, 20 edited high resolution digital images for each session
$1,400.00 + hst

Capture a Year

For families, we are talking four full classic sessions in a 12 month span. A session in each season? Or all four in a week! Whatever makes you happy, I am game.

Up to 5 family members, more family members are welcome at an additional fee of $30/person

    n location or in your home, styling guidance provided, 1 to 1.5 hours of shooting time, 25 edited high resolution digital images for each session
$2,000.00 + hst

Low Key Wedding

I specialize in candidly capturing the memories of your big day, letting you relax and enjoy being in the moment.

With minimal posing, you will receive the most honest look at the highlights of the beginning of your married life.

Low key affairs, elopements, courthouse weddings and brides who want just the basics.

    Up to 3 hours of shooting time, 80 edited high resolution digital images
$1,100.00 + hst

Intimate Wedding

My most popular, with enough time for the main event as well as a mix of before and after, whatever is most important to YOU!

This package also includes a mini engagement session so that we can get to know each other a little better before the big day...

Letting you relive these special days again and again.

    Up to 6 hours of shooting time, 150 edited high resolution digital images
$2,200.00 + hst


My favourite images of my family, the ones you will find hanging all over the walls of our home, are not perfectly posed or styled, featuring pretty backgrounds, all taken at just the right time of day in just the right lighting. Not at all. They are an eclectic collection of our real life, candid moments. True memories captured while my kids were going about their day, just being themselves. These are the days, breathe them.

Offering 3 packages starting at $700.00 + hst

Custom packages

If you haven’t found what you are looking for here, don’t be afraid to reach out! I am often happy to customize packages to suit my clients needs whenever I can.

Let's chat about the possibilities!


what clients say about me

Having loved Stef's mini sessions for years I decided to jump in and booked a full session for my kids this past summer. Wow! I can honestly say that it was the BEST money I've ever spent. Stef is a total dream. Her warmth, charm and humour make her a hit, even with timid kids. She is wonderful to work with and has a real gift for putting her subjects at ease, styling and capturing sincere smiles and moments. Her gorgeous images artfully captured the 'present' and also the personalities of each of my kids. Despite my own expectations, excitement and admittedly high standards I was truly blown away by the final images Stef captured. Thank you for that gift Stef! I'm so so glad I made the investment in photography with Middle of July – we are forever clients.

Sarah G.

I met Stefanie with Middle of July a few years ago and she is our only Family photographer, there is no comparison. Stefanie has a very special way of making us all feel at ease in front of the camera, especially our crazy kids. I feel that we not only found the best photographer, but that we also made a great friend over the years spent with her. She is easy to approach, flexible, and also hilarious. All the while being a professional. She truly cares about your family and getting the perfect shots as though they are a part of her own. Her work speaks for itself, all of our family and friends are always commenting on what beautiful memories we have throughout our home. She can capture beautiful moments and make you feel like you are in them every time you look at them!


I am a photo junkie and always have been.... and in the first two years since my daughter was born I had her photos done many many times... in the big box photo centres with the posey poses and once even with a groupon.. ack! And one day I was on FB and a friend of mine posted a photo of her family taken by Middle of July and I literally was frozen, staring at the screen. "This... THIS is what I want!!", my heart was screaming at me! I immediately booked a session with Stef and I was hooked from the minute one. I read her site, and loved the explanation of the name and the beautiful photography. Each picture speaks to people.... I think that is why so many of us like and comment on so many of her pictures!


I live in Boston, Massachusetts and every time that I make a trip to visit family in Ontario I make a point to book a session with Stef - because she's the real deal! She doesn't just take pictures - she invites you into her home and her life, she takes the time to get my shy boy giggling and keeps her patience when my crazy little girl refuses to sit still, she comes up with unique solutions if a shoot isn't going well, she gets personal and did I mention that there is no comparison in Quality. Stef does not just take pictures – her camera is an extension of her and as a client you receive a piece of art.


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